Cruelbaits Godfather Jerk


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Cruelbaits Godfather Jerk

Really cool hand made glide baits from Hungary. Hand crafted, painted in truly stunning colours and finished with a super tough epoxy skin, no screw eyes this lure is through wired for extra strength. Can be fished slow for a nice glide, steady crank of the handle and the lure glides perfectly or fast try for a more erratic darting action.

These lures are a medium pike glide bait to be used on a medium pike set up such as a 20-50g rod.

(Please note – Postage is recorded delivery to prevent Royal Mail losing these works of art!)

Length -104mm

S – sinking 37g
SS – Slow Sink 34g
SF – Slow floating 32g


Additional information

Cruelbaits colour

Ayu, Dead Ghost, Habanero, Heavy Metal, Killer Bee, Largemouth Bass, Mackerel, Mojito, Parrot, Perch, Piranha, Roach, Tancho, Wood-00 Lime

Cruelbaits size


Cruelbaits version

S-Sinking, SF-Slow Floating, SS-Slow sinking


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