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  1. Hi Paul, I’m new to lure fishing and I need some advice on which braid makes are best at the moment I’ve got a fox rage warrior 10-30gm rod and some of their Torque 15lb braid which does the job but tends to fray if I get it in snags, I hope you can help.
    Love your video channel keep them coming.
    Thanks Paul
    Phil H

    1. Hi Phil.
      There’s loads of choice out there mate and if you ask around there’s lots of opinions too. I tend to rarely try many new braids because I end up finding one that i find fault with. The one I have stuck with for most of the time has been Power Pro braid. I have it in 10lb and up to 80lb and I never feel that either has let me down. Use the link below to buy from where I get mine. (I’ve got no affiliation to the website)
      Power Pro

  2. Hi Paul,
    The Perch pattern custom weighted Squirrely Burt arrived today. Looks great and will , l’m sure, fish just as well. I have a Squirrely Burt which isn’t custom weighted, any chance that you can show me how to do it?
    Thanks again for the prompt service.

    1. Hi Mark. Good to hear pal, and yes it’ll be a catcher bud. Just add pike!

      They are easy to do. You can see where i drilled it, so measure up and just mark the same spot. Drill with a 3 or 4mm drill bit and then add some lead weight. I use lead shot but fishing split shot is often handy and the same. Every burt is different so some take a bit more and some take a bit less so you have to experiment. So fill a bucket or the bath with water and test it out. Either tape over the hole or bung it with blue tac as a temporary seal. Remember to add a your wire trace to the burt as the tiny bit of weight makes all the difference. The aim is to get the burt to sit nose down, and if possible, either suspend or slow float on the pause. Add or remove the lead shot to get the burt to sit how you want. When you are happy, put a more permanent bung in the hole. I used a bit of rubber cut to fit, but a bit of wood wedged in or anything will be fine. Then use a 5 minute epoxy to put a seal over the top, which you should be able to buy from BnQ or similar. And if you have half hour, watch this video where Ady explains and shows you how. 😉

  3. Hi Paul,

    I’ve just turned 19 and Am trying to get into pike fishing. I’ve never had anyone show me how to fish whilst growing up apart from how to get the odd roach In a river. I’ve watched no end of YouTube videos on pike fishing and how to videos but I’m definitely doing something wrong.

    Ive been fishing in a smallish lake close to me. I’ve been there more than 10 times I’d say. I hooked my first (and only) pike there but the 8lb line snapped as it got into some trees and I didn’t play it right.

    I’ve tried deadbaits and lures but only hooked a pike on a lure.

    The water is around 16ft in the middle but I’d say it could get as deep as 20ft. The bottom is weedy in most places which my lure 9/10 will pick up and a fair few have got stuck in. There
    Is a narrower shallow creek that I think looks hopeful but have no way of getting to it.

    I’m not really sure if this helps but any advice would be really good!

    Thank you


    1. Also, can you use dead bait without a float, just by listening to the drag?

      Went out the other day doing this on a different bit of water and hooked 2! One went into the trees which I lost and the other I actually landed!

      Thanks for any advice again


    2. Hi Tom
      As you have found, 8lb line isn’t really strong enough if targeting pike. If there were no snags then you could set the drag light so the pike would never break your line though, but i prefer to go a bit stronger so that you can bully the fish if needed and also if you snag a lure you can get it back. You are in a good place with youtube to help you though. Keep watching and picking up bits of information and you will get better. You have already found a couple of pike so you are doing something right, so big congratulations on landing your first. I hope the unhooking went ok. The information you have given about the water sounds good, but you will also find each water might be different. Figuring out where the pike are and then getting a hit is the fun part. Don’t get so wrapped up in others (like me) catching loads of pike. Lots of hard sessions behind me trying to find the pike and also trying to learn what gear is best to use. It’s good finding information in videos or magazines but also figuring it out for yourself is even better. If I were you, i’d just get a light to medium set up with lures from 2.5 -5 inch and i’d just concentrate on learning to use that and explore the waters around me. The pike will come, you have already proven that.

      You could dead bait without a float. You need to have really good bite indication though. If you look on the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain website you might find some rigs, set ups and information to help you.

  4. Hi Paul,

    Hooked on wild brown trout!
    I have seen your videos on ultra light lure fishing for trout and chub, so I thought I’d give it a try, great videos by the way! Caught my first wild brown trout in the local river with a 4cm fox micro fry on a 5g jig head the other day and I’ve been having an hour after work every day since, however, the only trouble is I couldn’t catch a cold since that fish. Probably due to my 28lbs braid on a half spinning half float rod (trapped my spinning rod in the car) with a small carp reel set up which is getting replaced ASAP. But what would you recommend with?

    The river in question is the upper reaches of the Don near a village called Oughtibridge in Sheffield, very much like the rivers I have seen on your youtube videos. I think the way to target these trout is with small surface lures as the number of fish seen feeding on flies and insects floating past is too many to count.

    I want to target trout, chub and perch.

    Could you please give me a few pointers in the right direction as to what I should be looking for when going to buy my new set up, things such as casting weights, rod actions, braid lbs etc…

    Keep up the good work, fantastic show!

    Thanks Ben

    1. Hi Ben
      Been there with the car door pal! Ideally you want to go as light as possible with everything as mostly you will be using small lures. Lures that are in the 1-7g range roughly, small cranks like salmo hornet, mepps spinner or 1-2inch soft shads on light jig heads. You can get away with a light perch rod 2-12g range or you can go for a tiny trout rod which might be something like 1-5g. My trout.hub rod is 1-8g. Ideally you want a short rod, 5-6ft in length as you will be getting stuck in trees as you walk or cast with a longer rod at 7-8ft so keep that in mind. Reel wise, a 500 size-1500 max but its about balance so a 1000 size is a safe bet. Go as tarty as you can afford as its nice to have a good reel that works well. Braid, well light as possible. 4-6lb is fine no need to go much heavier, though i have got 10lb on mine but that’s because i flick between trout and perch where i end up catching pike anyway. lol. Harder to cast tiny 2g lures on 10lb braid though so if you need distance then go much lighter. Some lads like to use mono as it casts well on really light lures. stick to smaller lures to start with and cover plenty of water and even if you are only seeing fish you are doing your homework. You will find some fish along there i am sure pal, it’s a good type of water for the trout. floating lures are good but also suspending shallow diving lures are good as you can use the flow to get the lure in to tight spots where you might not be able to cast a spinner or jig. Keep me updated how you get on mate

      1. Hi Paul
        Many many thanks for your advice it’s improved my fishing no end!

        The set up I chose is a 6ft Fox rage Ultron drop shot finesse rod 3-14g, paired with a Shimano exage 1000 size reel and 10lbs braid with 8lbs fluoro as a leader. I’ve been fishing a range of small Salmo minnows in brown trout, perch and minnow colours and spinners too, also have a few small jigs and 2-inch soft plastics.

        The brown trout are hammering the salmo minnow had 10 over this weekend and it has been fantastic fun! Sure that there’s plenty more where they came from too, casting hasn’t been an issue and I’ve been putting the lures to the far bank with ease. I even tested my new set up out on a stocked trout fishery where spinning is allowed and had 2 cracking rainbows for the frying pan today, a perfect end to whats been a great weekend fishing.

        Can’t thank you enough, tight lines!

        1. Hi Ben. Great news mate and thanks for the feedback. You will now have the confidence to just get out and fish, and that’s all you need. Good luck matey, and tight lines

    1. Hi Ales.
      It might be possible if postage is not too expensive for you. I only use paypal as that is easiest for me at the minute. Best thing you can do is send me an email to with the lures you want to buy. I can then see what postage might be and get back to you.

  5. I was just looking some lures for next year so no rush here. But I really like the godfather and phantom jerkbaits and in my country they are VERY hard to get. And of course there is burt… Read some reviews and it seems that some people just can’t get enough of it while others really don’t like the lure. Would like to try it for myself. I’ll sure get back to you when my lure list is complete. Thank you.
    Best regards

  6. Hi Paul

    After having so much fun on the trout this summer and with the winter drawing in I’ve been dreaming of the new season or of some winter pike….

    I went and got myself a salmo frisky and a bigger salmo hornet and went out fishing with my friend only to be completely outfished by his 4d line thru trout!

    My question is how can I get some good winter sport on my light lure let up and should I stop wasting my time targeting pike on this and take the plunge and get a dedicated pike set up?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Ben
      Every lure has its day. The line thru are so realistic it’s unbelievable. I get bored using them and prefer to catch on a jerk. tough when your mate is bagging up. go buy a line thru and catch some pike. As for the light lures, yes you will still cath in winter on small lures. But often the thinking is that the pike like to use less energy but for more reward. So a slowly worked big lure will have more of a chance of getting a pike to move and feed. But, do what you enjoy doing. Big lures aren’t for everyone but if you want to catch more pike in winter then it is usually the best way to go.

  7. Hello Paul.
    Can you tell me how to archive distance while casting a lightweight bait casting outfit. I have an abu blue max 7′ M/H with a shimano citica reel. I have it set up so that the lure drops slowly when the button is pressed. I can get it to cast across the canal with effort, but if I set it to run a bit freer on the drop it wants to tangle once the lure lands. It’s the canal where we have met a couple of times ( grey hair , Scottish accent) so not that wide. I am really considering only lure fishing for all of 2018, so I am going to try and get in some practice so once it’s better weather I will be accomplished when the time comes where it will really count. Question number two, do you make your own lures and if so would you recommend it or do a video on it.
    Be I.

    1. Hi matey, hope you are well. Second one is easier, no i don’t make my own (except the odd soft lure) but i do recommend it if you are not bad at a bit of craft. Nothing betetr than catching fish on your own home made lure.

      Regards the baitcaster. With light lures it s a combination of skill and the reel, with most of it down to the reel. So the black knob you are adjusting is for the spool tension. There is another brake either a magnetic brake or centrifugal brake on most baitcaster reels. Yours has the infinity braking system i think also. Anyway, theres a side plate on the opposite side to that black spool knob you’ve adjust. You can open that up and there are some swiches. you can turn som or all of them on and off to make the brakes work harder or not at all. So have a play about with those. If your citica also has the numbered dial then that is a second way to adjust the brakes, again its all about playing with it. Try it with the brakes set pretty harsh so you struggle to cast. That way there will be no overrun. Then gradually ease off. With the smaller lures you might find you even have to adjust for each lure if they are different weights.

      Reagrds your canal. The bait fish were a bit lower down (to your right as you look) among the steep bank and trees. If you can get in anywhere you mgiht find the predz 😉

      1. Paul.
        I have had a look in the back of the reel and its like there is a miniature drum brake with six tiny brake pads (could be magnets} in there, well four of them are engaged, so I have disengaged one of them and I will see how that goes. What it is, is I see people on you tube casting these things with a flick of the wrist while using smallish lures that go for quite a distance and are very accurate. I think it would be ideal for trout fishing and perch/chub especially if I could get good at this. Casting to structures and under trees etc with almost pinpoint accuracy without smashing the lure against it is what I am aiming for. I look at the trees while I am fishing and many of them have a selection of fine lures hanging amidst their branches.
        Thank you for the tips

        1. Thats the ones bud. Just keep playing with them and see what works. Have fun mate but try not to do it while this cold is here. it’s tricky enough as it is even when you can feel your fingers! lol

          1. Paul.
            I went out yesterday and did a bit of practice casting, took it gently with a lure that floats, just in case I had a tangle with a lure on the river bed. It was bleeding perishing out there, top three rod rings froze while I stood warming my fingers, when I went back to casting the braid had iced up on the spool. Homeward and kettle on at that juncture. Tried again today, cold but better than yesterday. Couple of small tangles but easy to sort out. Casting a Big S today, went a lot better and casting distance was getting to what could be classed as just acceptable. I think the brakes and the spool adjusting are things that will take time, but if keep the spool loose and use my thumb to control things is the way to do it. Like when I took up fly fishing, the power of the thumb makes a massive difference.
            P.S.. When I watch American fishers do this , they cast then change hands with rod, looks very awkward.

          2. Nice one bud, you are getting there. I always use my thumb but that is easier to do on the big lures. The smaller ones it is a bit more crucial to use those brakes. Yeah lots of US anglers do it totally different to us, switching hands after the cast. I can’t get my head roung that one at all. I guess its all down to how w have been brought up.

  8. Paul.
    I tried again today, I put on a 21 gram lure, woosh. The distance trebled the reel started making that humming noise as line went out, progress. The lure spends more time in the air enabling me to feather the line etc, so happy. Which in turn gives me proper distance to work the lure etc. The rod is rated 20/60 grams. Every thing felt better, although I realise it will be a long time before I am comfortable with this. Missed a good fish too because I was fiddling around. Clipped on a 4 play and was delighted with the lure action due to the rod and reel.
    I also got the three lures from you today, hope to catch chubb and perch on them, thanks, good service.

    1. Nice one Bryan. You’re well on the way now mate, it’ll get easier. There will be minor hiccups along the way as you get confident/cocky with your abitlity and something will go wrong ending in a birds nest. But they will become less and less frequent now. The hard work will pay off. Thanks again for the purchase from my shop, it’s appreciated mate. They catch fish mate as you know. good luck for this winter mate, i’m sure you are due a lump from that spot and i reckon it’s only a matter of time now.

      1. Paul.
        I have looked at my rod and found out it’s actually rated for 10 gm / 30 gm lures, that’s Ok though as 30 gms is still well suited for smaller jerk / glide baits. That’s three rods I own with that casting weight ????.
        In the past I have fished for large mouth bass and catfish with what Americans call jerk baits, I did ok and it was brilliant fishing. It’s major over there, bass pro etc.
        Pike fishing small lochs so dense with weed that only a rapala floating minnow could be used to get a bite.
        Also done ledger fishing and done well with that. Float fishing still waters is ok, trotting a float down a river is sometimes a very busy days fishing.
        Fly and lure fishing is what I would call efficient use of time and resources. And it’s quick, pick up a rod and a merger amount of gear and your in business.
        Now I am properly back into lure fishing, inspired by you and that other bloke Ady, thanks for all the videos etc.

  9. Hi Paul. i have placed an order from your shop, i was wondering when it will be shipped? cant wait to try out these new shads. i’ve also ordered lures from leech.
    Thanks for your time. Tight lines

    1. Hi matey. Thank you very much. They have already been posted so if they don’t get there today i would expect tomorrow. I had a message from someone who bought same day as you and they have recieved theirs today so hopefully yours will be here very soon. Did you buy the Gator Gum from Leech? Really nice worked slow i find. Either use a shallow screw or maybe a 5g screw. Thanks buddy, tight lines!

      1. Thanks for the response, yer i bought the Gator Gum. they look fantastic in the water, i will buy a the shallow screw rig, because the water i usually fish is quite shallow, so i wont need the extra depth.
        good luck in your next few trips. Tight lines

  10. Thanks for the response, yer i bought the Gator Gum. they look fantastic in the water, i will buy a the shallow screw rig, because the water i usually fish is quite shallow, so i wont need the extra depth.
    good luck in your next few trips. Tight lines

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