Best lure ever competition – Round 3 summary

Round 3 of the Best lure ever competition has finished and we have now narrowed down the list of potential winners from 128 lures to just 16. There were a couple of really close battles and again plenty of popular lures getting the boot. Suprisingly a number of seemingly all conquering Savage Gear lures met their match and are now out meaning the last 16 isn’t so much an SG clean sweep as it initially looked like it might be and with a couple of Westin and Svartzonker lures coming through the next few battles look very interesting.  Gone from the competition among many others, the Westin Swim, the Ondex Spinner, Spro BBZ and even the Strike Pro Wolf Tail. Stay tuned as round 4 and the last 16 battles will commence very shortly.

Last 16 match ups
Fox Replicant V Mepps Aglia
Rapala Jointed shad rap V Westin Ricky the roach
Salmo Slider V Cruelbaits Godfather jerk
Savage Gear 4D line thru trout V Wolfcreek Lures The Wolf
Strike Pro Buster Jerk V Savage Gear swim and jerk
SG line thru Roach V Rapala Jointed original
Svartzonker McTail V Westin Percy the Perch
Savage Gear Low Rider V Rapala Xrap Peto

Click here to see the latest competition results.

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