Best lure ever – round one summary

Wow, that was a bit mental wasn’t it. A total of 128 lures in a 1v1 vote to see which one progresses. Every lure was not only put forward by you guys, but voted on by you guys. Some really tough battles and some surprising results, but surprising to who?

Well it became clear a few battles into round one that some people were really enjoying the format and the idea of finding the best lure ever. But on the other hand, there also seemed to be a few people who felt we had unfair battles, or results that should never have happened. Well that’s just the luck of the draw and the majority vote wins, no matter who it is.

Yes the classic lures may have served well over the years, but both the British and Swedish record holding lures have gone out in round one. The creek chub pikie and the famous Zalt have gone, and both these lures have had pike well over 40lb. On the other hand, brand new lures to the market like the Rapala xrap-peto have gone through comfortably when they haven’t even had time to get a proper soaking.

So for me, I think at least so far this lure battle has shown us all one thing. That there is a massive increase in the amount of lure anglers out there and these guys are buying the new shiny lures. Go back ten years and every lure angler then knew about the mepps or the ondex, they were using creek chub pikies, kuusammo spoons and so on. These days it’s all savage gear, rapala and strike pro.

So on to round two and another 32 votes will be starting monday on the riverpiker Facebook page. Make sure you make your vote count!

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