Best lure ever?

So we are currently trying to find the “best lure ever” on the riverpiker facebook page and right here on We so far have a list of over 100 lures which will then be pitted off against each other in a knockout vote by you guys, with the last one standing crowned the winner. Below you will find the latest list of lures suggested.

Now Facebook has gone a little mental since I posted this up and keeping tabs on every entry is tough, so if i missed your suggestion, please let me know and I will add to the list.

Abu Atom
Abu Fat head killer
Abu Hi Low
Abu McHybrid
Abu Tormentor
Allcock Spoon
Bomber long A
bucher depth raider
Castaic boot tail
Craig Beverley Chimera
Crazyfish Nimble
creek chub pikie
Cruelbaits Godfather Jerk
Daiwa D popper frog
Daiwa duckfin shad
Daiwa spintail shad
DAM Effzett rattling spinnerbait
DAM effzett spoon
Dave Greenwood Big Dipper
Dave Greenwood lures Delta
Delalande Sandra
Devils own scale spinner
Dobb daddy
Dodobaits JAWS
Duo Realis Shinmushi
eastfield lures wingman curlytail
Ecogear Grass Minnow
Fladen eco fat plugbait
Fladen Maxximus conrad softy
Fox rage proshad
Fox rage replicant
fox rage zander proshad
Fox spikey shad
Gator Gum
Headbanger lure
heddon crazy crawler
Heddon Frog
Heddon lucky 13
Kibs tornado spoon
Killshot jerk
Kuusamo Professor
Loz Harrop middle darter
lunker city sluggo
Mark houghton Mud pig
Mark houghton slide n shad
Matt Holmes custom jerk
Mepps Aglia
Mikado Gosia
Miuras mouse
Mscustomflies Reaper
musky innovations bulldawg
Musky innovations shallow invader
musky mania jake
musky mania squirrely burt
Ondex spinner
Ottó bácsi villantói
Peter Temple glider
Pig shad
Pikeman spoon
PM lures Frank the crank
PM lures Little Johnny
PM lures rat
PM lures ziggy
Quantum The Thing
Rapala glidin rap
Rapala J9
Rapala jointed shad rap
Rapala magnum
rapala original
rapala SSR
Rapala x-rap Peto
Relax kopyto shad
river run manta
river2sea whopper plopper
Robinson lures Bream
Robinson lures Gliding trout
Robinson lures jacktail
Rublex classic
Rublex Orkla
Salmo Fatso
Salmo Hornet
Salmo pike
Salmo slider
salmo turno jack
Savage gear 3d herring shad
Savage gear 3D hybrid pike
savage gear 4 play swim n jerk
savage gear 4d line thru pike
savage gear 4d line thru trout
savage gear cannibal shad
savage gear dabush spinnerbait
savage gear deviator
savage gear line thru roach
savage gear lip lure
savage gear low rider
savage gear real eel
savage gear shad
shakespeare Big s
spro BBZ
Spro bronzeye king daddy
spro flapper
spro pikefighter
spro rat
storm goant tail
Strike pro Buster Jerk
strike pro guppy
strike pro wolftail
Strike pro Xbuster
svartzonker mcmio
svartzonker mctail
Toby spoon
Triple devil
Ugly ducking
unknown from a joblot!
Westin Mike the piker
Westin Percy the perch
Westin shadteez
Westin swim
Wolfcreek lures The wolf

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