DIY lure box/hang bag

DIY lure bag
I just thought I would share this little beauty i’ve discovered. Many of you will know that for years I’ve been using the Aldi fishing bags for most of my lure storage, especially the larger lures. I either would use pipe lagging as hook protectors for the lures or use drain pipe cut up as lure hangers. It wasn’t perfect, but it’s been bang on for years. Well I kept meaning to make another bag and have it as a dedicated boat bag with everything in, so that I can just pick it up and go instead of swapping everything over from one bag to another everytime I go fishing.

So while out shopping recently, doing a bit of DIY at home, I ventured in to a local B&M stores and found this. It’s a tool holdall, sometimes called a tool tote bag. I’ve seen these before elsewhere and they were always a bit big or a bit pricey. But this one seemed to be just about the right size and at £12.99 not too bad a price to take the plunge and see if it was any good for what I wanted. Not got a local B&M or you want to order online? What about this one on Amazon instead? Looks solid to me and the pockets look like they could be useful.
Silverline 748091 Heavy Duty Tool Bag Hard Base 400 x 200 x 255 mm
More tool holdalls

Once home I quickly put in some of my old cut up pipe and a few boxes and its bloody bob on! Slightly longer than an Aldi bag which means you will get a couple of extra bits of cut up pipe in. At the minute I’ve got it set up for a bit of big pike gear but also a a couple of lure boxes for my smaller soft lures and cranks. There’s an end pouch which fits another smaller lure box in which is a bonus, with various little side pouches, which to be honest I don’t really see much of a use for with the lures. There’s also a handy front zip pocket, which is where I have put all my traces, split rings, clips and so on. Lastly there is a shoulder strap but I have taken this off as I will only use this in the boat so will use the sturdy handle instead. The final bonus is it is bright red, so you might see the bloody thing and not trip up over it. (I said might not!)

As an after thought, I plan on going back to a DIY shop and buying some of the square drain pipe. I’ll cut these new square ones up and stick them together so they don’t fall over when I take the plastic lure boxes out. I will make a couple of glued up sections so that I can have half a bag or a full bag of them. Don’t you just love a bit of DIY!


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