Don’t miss this Fridays video

This weeks video sees me head out to test some new products I recently purchased. The first being a set of waders I picked up in the Bobco bank holiday sale. Finally no more wet testicles, except for maybe on a Saturday night if I’m lucky!

Greys Strata CT waders

Greys Strata CTX solded wading boots

Secondly I wanted to test out my new microphones. Filming your fishing can be tricky at times and the wind especially can spoil a good bit of footage and so I am always wanting to improve. I had already upgraded to a Rode Videomic Go which is a shotgun mounted microphone and is pretty good with a wind protector on. But I wanted to go one better and so got a set of Boya WM8 wireless lavalier dual channel microphones. The kind where you see TV and YouTube presenters wearing on their shirt.

BOYA BY-WM8 Wireless Lavalier Microphone

Rode videomic Go

Anyway, all that aside. Check out the video on Friday as it’s pretty cool and I really enjoyed my short session on a small river. Now I have those waders it opens up a bit of something new and I look forward to some new adventures.

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