Down to the last four – best lure ever competition

We are now down to the last four lures in our quest to find the best lure ever. This has been a long slog with many votes cast but we are finally getting to that point. There has been lots of opinions and debate along the journey and the way some people are carrying on it’s actually making the remoaners of Brexit look like grown ups. #luremoaners ha ha! It’s a bloody fishing lure competition for a laugh, just vote! Cries for votes to be cast again because their favourite lure didn’t come through. Cries of dodgy dealings, fake voters and all sorts.

All that to one side, we are nearly there. Two of the favourites by many, the Savage Gear line thru trout and line thru roach are both out, swept aside by jerkbaits, so that will do me fine. Not a single Savage Gear lure made it through when at one point, it looked as though it would be a clean sweep from the brand. A favourite of mine has fallen, the jointed Rapala Shad rap has gone but to be fair it came up against one of the greatest lures of all time, the trusty old Mepps spinner. Emerging as one of the favourites now, simply because it keeps sweeping all to one side is the Rapala Xrap Peto which knocked out the Westin Percy the Perch. But who will get through to the final? Facebook polls coming soon on the Riverpiker page.

Semi Final
Mepps Aglia v Cruelbaits Godfather Jerk

Strike Pro Buster jerk v Rapala Xrap Peto

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