Getting organised

Already I’m looking forward to some winter pike fishing in the boat. But with this lockdown looking like its here to stay a good while yet, I need to find something to pass the time on. For now I’ve still got plenty to do but at the rate I’m getting through the little jobs it’s not going to see me through the summer lockdown.

So I’ve brought the boat home from storage and I’ve squeezed it in to the garage. There’s a few bits I can do. It needs a clean and a good tidy up. Maybe I might even look at giving it a coat or two of paint. But for now I just got distracted sorting all my lures out. Ah well.

Well at least I’m a little bit more organised. Looks like I got everything I need but I’m sure I’ll think of something else. Actually, I’ve just remembered I need to make some wire traces. So that’s a good thing then, still something left to do. 🤘

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