Have you always wanted to go fishing in Sweden?

So last year I managed to get my first taste of Sweden and what it has to offer. Along with Canada, Sweden is one of those places I’d always fancied fishing but really didn’t know how to go about doing it. Well luckily for me, I’d made a few new friends over there so managed to sort a trip out to meet Gary Benney of American Tackle, who looked after us like kings, and also Alexander Lexen of Leech and Gator. We got the full taste of Sweden with a visit to the awesome tackle shops of Stochholm, such as Soder Sportfiske and Lundgrens where you could easily spend a full day just browsing all the lures on offer. As for the fishing we managed trips on the Baltic, the stunning archipelago fishing for pike and perch and also some of the large Swedish lakes where we witnessed a true Swedish giant landed when Alex landed a monster. That did it for me, Sweden is firmly planted in the head and I’m always wondering when I will be going back next.

Since that trip I have been wanting to go back and on top of this, I am often getting asked how to actually go about doing it. Well it was all so easy for me, because I just had to get my backside over there. All the rest was sorted by Gary. But that’s no good for everyone else, because as nice a bloke as Gary is, I don’t think his settee is big enough for everyone. So that’s how my next Swedish trip has come about. I’m going back in October and I’m staying with a guide for a week. Catchbigger.se has everthing you need for your trip. Lodges, boats, tackle and the all important fishing knowledge. You can cater your week how you wish, full on guiding, part guiding or do it all yourself with boats included in the package. As usual on my trip, I will be doing plenty of filming and I will do my best to show you everything on offer. If you can’t wait for my trip and the videos, then get in touch with the team at Catchbigger.se now and sort it out before the cold winter rolls in.

You can contact the team directly via their website Catchbigger.se or Facebook.

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