Keeping us all busy

Ok so as some of you have seen, i’ve been doing my best to keep myself busy with a few fishing related jobs over the last week or so. So that’s me sorted for this lockdown, but how are you guys coping? Well I haven’t forgotten you. While I can’t get out and make a fishing video, i can make a fishing related video and i’ve been doing just that.

Over on the Riverpiker Youtube channel I have started on a series of mini videos. Tips, questions, answers and more. If you haven’t seen any of these videos yet then click this link to see the playlist, which will grow and grow over the next month and a bit at least. I’ll have videos out every two or three days, not always long ones, but it’s something and you might find something useful or just have a laugh.

Neil LorrimanNow while i’m not going to tell you exactly what we have in store for you, i can tell you now that i’ve also roped in a few guys to help me. We’ve kept to the social distancing rules and each person is doing it from their own home. Now i may have given the guys a bit of an idea what kind of thing i wanted, 2-10 minute videos, I never really asked for specifics so it will be good to see what these guys can add to the channel. I think it’s good to hear other ideas and see how other people do things.

Dermot OgleSo first up after my intro couple of videos will be Neil Lorriman who you will have seen on plenty of my more recent youtube videos. I’ve also managed to get Dermot Ogle on board, a real top angler who has many years experience fishing in the UK, Ireland before that and even in Europe. I’ve also managed to persuade Martin Smith of MSCustomflies to do me a video or two. While we often put fly fishing and lure fishing in seperate catagories, at the end of the day we are using immitation baits to lure a fish. It will be good to see something different and hear some tips from one of the top fly anglers in the country.

Martin Smith - MSCustomfliesNot enough? Well how about a live Q and A session starting tonight (weds 8th April) at around 18:30. I’ll be joined in the live web chat by my buddy Neil and we’ll be there to chat fishing, have a laugh and answer a few questions. So make sure you click this link later today and join us. I’ll do the usual alerts on other forms of social media so you won’t forget.

Stay safe!

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