Leech eye wear and Gator Sweden team up with Riverpiker

Massive news for Riverpiker fans across the piking globe. Ady and myself have teamed up with Swedish pike fishing giants Leech/Gator to become ambassadors in the UK and help bring you this quality gear to the UK shores. We have had opportunities before but we feel that Leech/Gator would be the perfect fit. Dedicated Pike fishing and especially lure fishing clothing is thin on the ground in the UK and if the gear we have just received is an example of the quality and style that Leech offer we can see it doing very well in the UK market. We will obviously be testing and reviewing all the new gear we have received and we will keep you all updated on our thoughts which will include polarised sunglasses, clothing, Gator rods and Gator lures so watch this space. If you are eager to get your hands on any of these products then head on over to www.leechstore.com/  and be sure to use the special 20% off Promo code  – Riverpiker


4 Replies to “Leech eye wear and Gator Sweden team up with Riverpiker”

  1. Well done Paul and Ady. Much deserved after all those hours of producing top quality videos for us novices. Getting a bit tarty these days.lol. Looks like some good gear. I predict you lads competing in fly vs jerk some time in the future👍

    1. Hi matey. Cheers pal. We never set out for this but after a good chat we felt it was a great opportunity for us but also to get the Leech and Gator gear in to the UK. Sweden is miles ahead of us in terms of pike fishing so if we can get some of it over here it will be brilliant. Really impressed with it so far mate. We’ll keep you all updated but also stay true to what we have always done. regards Fly V Jerk, did you know the Swedish Leech boys, Alex and Markus are going to be on the show this year? Two top anglers who have had some awesome fish so with luck they will find a few nice ladies for the show. Would be nice if we could represent the UK one day I agree! cheers for the kind words bud, tight lines.

      1. Dammit! Just ordered a hoodie and tshirt. Was supposed to be spending less on fishing. Not a bad price tho with the promo code and new P and p.👍

        1. Nice one matey you will look a bit snazzy now! Yeah postage is much better now bud and that promo code makes it not bad at all. You’ll have to send some pics or tag me on facebook when you have your gear bud. 🙂

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