Lure rod sleeves

Simple ideas are sometimes the ones that are so brilliant and in this article I show you one of those such things, rod sleeves that help protect your gear when you are storing them or on the move. Now I don’t claim to have invented this idea, I simply stumbled upon it. As usual here in the UK we are so far behind everyone else with tackle, but we are starting to catch up with more and more cool bits of kit hitting our shops, so we are getting there. When we were sent the Gator lure rods months ago they came with these fancy rod sleeves that we thought were just an awesome idea.

Being northern monkeys, our gear tends to get chucked about a bit and I’ll hold my hands up and say I don’t take that much care of any of it. Nothing gets a clean or a service and it all gets chucked about a bit.  Now these rods being one piece and 8ft long, transporting them might become an issue. Two piece rods you can break down and chuck in the boot but these things had to be chucked across the seats along the centre console of the car. I only have a tiny Audi A3 but I was suprised to find they actually fit in no bother, boy was that a relief. But constantly in and out of the car for lure fishing trips was going to take it’s toll. In the past I have managed to snap the tip off a rod and knocked an eye out of another while my rods were being rammed in and out of the car. Luckily for me, Gator had provided a super cool answer to my problem and I had some snazzy covers.

Then I started to look for more covers to go with my other rods and that’s where my headache came. I couldn’t find that many at all and then the sizes all were just a bit puzzling, or limited at best. The more I looked the less options I found. I wasn’t sure how wide the covers were and if they would fit all my rods. Did every cover fit a small baitcaster rod? A spinning rod with the larger rings? I had no idea. Next I started getting a few people spotting my photos of the Gator rods and seeing the sleeves, the light bulb had flicked on with those guys also about how good these things are. I couldn’t give them a decent answer as to what size they needed, where they could by these from or the many combinations or rod sizes and styles and again more searching led me to not finding a solution. But what if I could make them in a few sizes and even better, custom make them for people who like me, couldn’t find the size they needed?

So here we have them. Unbranded but they arespecially made by me when the river is raging through, which seems to be every day at the minute. Available in one colour, black, because my white ones are already grubby so I figured I might be able to at least make these ones look a bit cleaner and not show up the grubby finger prints. They are available in three sizes. We have a small diameter cover, which is ideal for the small baitcaster rods like my tiny 3-15g Gunki Iron T that is a really thin rod blank and has small rings. We have the medium diameter cover which fits most larger baitcaster rods like my Gator rods, my BFT roots and so on. We also have a larger diameter sleeve which should fit most spinning rods with their slightly larger protruding eyes, the eye closest to the reel seat is the one to watch out for on spinning rods. That was the one which caused me an issue most but I found the L went over the eye easy, and while the rest of the rod might be a bit baggy, at least my one piece 6ft 3inch Enigma perch rod now had a proper cover to protect it.

Below you have a load of photos as some people weren’t actually too sure about what the sleeves looked like in full and of course you have a link to my stock. If you are not sure about any sizes, just get in touch and I will scratch my head and try to work out which one will be right for you and I should be able to knock it out in no time at all.


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