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Short story here. I’ve got some lures to sell.
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So the longer version. I’m often getting asked by you guys about the Cobbs jerk baits we use. Jack Cobbs no longer makes these lures. I think the last place I knew that had any in the UK was Chico who might have sold out/have the odd one left. You can find them in a few shops around Europe if you look hard enough but it will cost you £30 a lure plus postage last time I checked. Worth it to be honest if you love a nice jerk and are lucky enough never to lose it to a snag.

So the next question I get is, what other good jerk baits are there? Well in my quest to feed my own lure addiction, which you guys will end up with if you haven’t already, I’m often buying lures and usually jerk baits. I’ve got some ok, some crap and some good. Then I randomly bought a couple to try. The package turned up and I had about 20 minutes of day light to test them out and see how they ran. I wasn’t even wanting to catch a fish I just wanted to play with my new toys.

I had four lures. Two six inch and two seven inch lures, both sizes I had a standard jerk and a soft tail version. I bought one of each because i’ve found in the past, with some lures a change in size means a change in lure if they don’t get it right. One works, and the other is crap. So I chucked the first one out, a six inch standard. Couple of taps and it’s gliding perfect. Couple of cranks of the handle and it’s gliding perfect. I play about and it just keep gliding perfect. Slow to steady sink rate with a nice body wobble. Happy with that, it’ll catch for sure. So I stick on the seven inch and it’s like an exact copy, works like a dream. Larger lure with three trebles and possible wider glide, or is it that it looks wider because it’s bigger? No, I think it does glide a little wider. Bloody hell, if two of my lures out of four work I’m chuffed to bits.

So next i get the smaller soft tail out. Couple of taps and it’s gliding perfect. Couple of cranks of the handle and it’s gliding perfect. I play about and it just keep gliding perfect. Slow to steady sink rate with a nice body wobble. Obviously this one with the added bonus of the curly tail wiggling away behind. I also noted a slow retrieve (not jerking) had the lure coming in with a slight S shape action and body wobble, with tail wiggling away it looked ace, great for shallower clear waters. So yeah the seven inch goes on and you know the rest. They are bloody magical. An easy to use jerk bait, great glide and a perfect lure for anyone new to jerkbaits. Twenty minutes casting and all four are tested and I’m happy. A few days later I get out and fish seriously. I used lots of lures that day from soft lures, to burts to jerks and ended up with five pike landed. Three pike came on the seven inch soft tail, one on a four play and one on a burt. I’m well happy happy, it glides and it catches fish.

Next I do a bit of research in to the Phantom lures. I’ve seen them about before but they are US based so again not easy to get hold of. Looks like the ones I had might be an older model as the new ones looked to have more colours and also an option to add screw in weights. Also noted the price is high and importing them would be a nightmare for small time shops like me. They’re not made of wood and aren’t custom made, they are produced using some modern fancy resin stuff or whatever, I’ve no idea what.  Anyway, by now I just want to get hold of some for the shop so I order a load from a guy who was selling them off cheap and here they are. Limited availability, what you see is what I have for sale, though I’ve probably kept a few for me and Ady and you can’t have them. If you want a jerkbait that works, these are what you want. After that, you’re on your own like me, taking a risk on a lure and then finding out if it’s any good or not. I can’t help you with the addiction, in fact I’m probably making it worse, sorry.

If you wanted a Cobbs but can’t find one, get one of these instead.

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