Spooling up

A week or two ago , I was out with Jacob as you may have seen in a previous post. Well leading up to the day, I knew I would be mostly perch fishing but I didn’t know what rod I was going to be using. My little Sonik rod is ace for small cranks on overgrown rivers, but anything larger than a half pound perch has it bent double and creeking like it’s about to snap. I have a cheapo Shakespere drop shot rod, but let’s be honest, I was never going to be going drop shotting. I’ve got a random assortment of custom rods, custom being that I’ve managed to break the tip off them. I have an Enigma rod which is better suited to 2.5inch plus shads on at least 5g jig heads but it’s not really sensitive using anything smaller and I prefer to use it for my pike fishing with small cranks and 3 inch softies. Basically, I need to buy a new rod.

Then I remembered I’d not dug out my Gunki baitcaster rod for a while. It’s only rated 3-15g which is spot on for my approach to perch fishing. As most of you know, it’s cranks and 2.5 inch kopytos mostly for me, all within the casting limit of this rod. I had paired it with an Abu Revo SX reel, which is not too bad. There’s a kind of annoying clicking feel as you turn the handle sometimes, after a couple of years use. Hopefully it just needs a clean out and it’s not on its way out. But I wasn’t happy with the braid on it. I had some 15lb sunline something or other braid on and it was ok to start, but after a while seems to fray really easy. I know, i’m like most Brit’s who never seem to change their braid as often as we should. It also seemed to be a bit chunky for the tiny rings on the Gunki Iron T198 rod. For you guys who like your diameters of braid, I think it was something like 0.205mm if my quick Google check got it right.

Now for my braid choice, i’m not really one for going too light. Many of my waters are snaggy, and i’m a tight arse and don’t like losing lures, so I go heavy enough to hopefully bend a few hooks out. Usually the lightest I go is about 10lb but since I’m using cranks with trebles I bottled it and decided to stick to 15lb for that little bit of added strength. But what braid would I choose. For well over a year now I have been using two new braids from American Tackle, Nano X and Bushido Combat. I’ve used heavy and I’ve used light on a variety of rods and this time choose the 15lb Bushido Combat braid to go on my little Revo SX.

So what made me choose this braid? Well for a start, it’s only 0.16mm diameter so that’s a massive chunk less in comparison to my old 0.205mm I was using. Bushido Combat braid is an 8 strand PE braid that is silky smooth on the cast and I wanted something that wasn’t going to have me in knots every fifth cast while casting smaller lures on a baitcaster in the bloody wind. If you’ve been there, you know what I mean. It’s super strong with a 15lb Test and 23lb breaking strain so would offer me plenty of protection against those snags. I’d used it in 10lb on my spinning reel for ages now, and also used some 50lb on a BFT Instinct X7 reel and it was just lovely.

So only one thing left to do and that was to have a quick test the day before fishing. I nipped out and the weather couldn’t have been any more challenging with strong winds a plenty. Trying to seek some form of shelter under a bridge I had a quick few chucks and in no time I was rewarded with a fish.

If you fancy giving the Bushido combat or the Nano X braid a go, then pop along to the riverpiker shop and take your pick.

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