The Best Lure Ever

That’s it, the voting is over and we have found a winner. The Cruelbaits Godfather Jerk  has been voted by you, the Best lure ever. Beating one of the legends of the lure world the Strike Pro Buster jerk with 883 votes to 599. We started with 128 lures which were all suggested by followers of the Riverpiker Facebook page, and over the last couple of months we have been voting for our favourites. Eventually we were left with just two and after a massive battle, by far the most votes of any of the rounds, we have our winner.  As a side note, the third place play off saw the Mepps Aglia beat the Rapala Xrap Peto.

Ok so what did we actually achieve here? Well right from the start all I wanted to do was to try and answer one of the most common questions I get asked. What is the best lure?  Personally I think this is a really difficult question to answer, even with a load of on line polls. There are so many factors, so many variables, so many opinions, so many types of lures, uses of lures the list goes on. From one year to the next I myself will change my own mind on what is my own favourite, even from one session to the next I will change it. Confidence in a lure is a big factor and to gain some kind of confidence, usually that means you have to have caught a few on it. But when you are just starting out you just don’t know what works and what doesn’t. So there, we have it. We have the answer and the answer is a list of lures below that made it right through to the last 16. If you wanted to, you could go buy all 128 lures from the competition because these were all put forward by anglers who have probably used them and caught on them. That would put a massive hole in your pocket, so this poll has narrowed it down to just 16, the best lures ever!

Cruelbaits Godfather Jerk
Strike Pro Buster jerk
Mepps Aglia
Rapala Xrap Peto
Westin Percy the Perch
Savage Gear Line thru Roach
Savage Gear 4D line thru Trout
Rapala Jointed Shad Rap
Savage Gear Low Rider
Svartzonker McTail
Rapala J9
Savage Gear 4 Play Swim n Jerk
Wolfcreek Lures The Wolf
Salmo Slider
Westin Ricky The Roach
Fox Replicant


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