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  1. Eyup Paul, this is the third time av tried to do this, the videos you do are really good, been pikeing 25 years even though am not a lure fanatic, av thrown a good few, and a never knew just cranking a decent glide bait would work it, this is the first winter av really stuck on the river, it’s not as Easy as some stillwaters I could drop on, but more rewarding when you drop on a good fish, 15 best av had this season, been today, mud from floods was a nightmare fell over loads, hard work for 2 Small pike, got the tank stocked up with some nice baits though al keep in touch.

    1. Hi Geoff. Cheers pal, the videos have come a long way from when I first started. Knowing you’re fishing the same rivers as me I know exactly what that is like because that’s exactly what I end up doing. That mud is a bloody killer!

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