Keep it quiet or everyone will want one.

I have a few custom weighted Burts available in two styles. If you are quick, you can get one using the link to the shop below.

Custom Burts

The two styles are Shallow, and Deep. As you know, Burts come unweighted and weighted and it is this that is the key to whether you have a shallow or deep Burt.

However, all is not as it at first seems, after all you have a Musky Mania Squirrelly Burt and they are notoriously “different” shall we say. For anyone browsing who wishes to modify their own Burts, here is the key info. An original weighted Burt is already heavy and this means you only need to add around/up to/about 14g to make it sit nose down, however it is not perfectly vertical and sits at around 45 degrees. This Burt is also much more noisy than the unweighted version as it has a large ball bearing inside. This Burt is the one which will run at a shallower depth. So, a weighted Burt with about 13g of lead shot added will be shallow and noisy.

The original unweighted Burt is very buoyant and you might need to add around/up to/about 25g to make it sit perfectly vertical. This Burt is the one that on the pause will change its angle and sit vertical, and then when you give the next jerk, the energy is transferred in to the nose which makes the Burt dive rather than just come towards you. Takes time to master this as it is all about keeping a tight line, having a long enough pause and then getting the right jerk. Also, because this Burt comes with no ball bearing, it is quieter than the weighted version but still has a light rattle due to the lead shot used to re-weight. So, an unweighted Burt with about 23g of lead shot added will be deep running and have a pretty quiet rattle.

Yes, even i have to read all that again to make it sink in. These Burts are a bugger to get right. Failing that, be quick and buy one before they are gone.

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