Loads of new stock just added

So, the Riverpiker shop has been growing and tonight i’ve just added some cool stuff. Be sure to have a look around and check it out. With more cool products from around the globe lined up in the future, this shop is the place to come for something that little bit different. You might find that some of these products are only available in the UK right here.  😉

First we have the Awesome High 5 Lures, custom made baits from Denmark, which I know a few of you have been  waiting for. Hand made by one of Denmark and Europes leading lure anglers. Finn Sloth Hansen catches fish for fun and has had multiple big fish. One of his most noteable captures was a 46lb 8oz pike ON A KAYAK! Man that is insane. Available to buy from the riverpiker shop and the first time ever in the UK are two of his creations, the Shad14 and the Shad18.


Next up we have some BIG soft baits from Finland, with the Wake Lures Hanko Gummi. These big soft lures are catching big pike across Europe. They can be rigged with the shallow screw to fish ultra slow in shallow water or even rigged up with weight to get down deep. The irresistable slow beating paddle tail is sure to trigger a hit. Available in four colours and two sizes, an 8 inch big bait and the massive 10 inch lump.


Finally we have two new braids from American Tackle Company, Bushido Combat Braid and Nano X braid. Bushido Combat Braid is an extremely high quality 8-Strand original ‘Toyobo’ Fibre fishing line produced in Japan. A super thin, slick, smooth and super quiet braid. The Nano-X line is an American made 4-strand braided fishing line. Nano X is coated with a nano coating that repels dirt to ensure smooth cast after smooth cast and is super strong. Both these lines I have been using on a few of my various set ups for a good few months now. Look out for future reviews of the products.


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