Northern Lure Bash

addtext_com_mtywnti2mzk5nzaIt’s time to sort a lure meet up, let’s get it sorted.

I’m always getting asked by you guys for a chance to fish with you but being a working man and a family man I just haven’t got the time to fish with you all individually. So it’s time to do a lure meet up, lure fishing competition and lure fishing demos all in one. Come and have a go and try to catch a few fish and win prizes. If you are totally new to lure fishing or not sure about something, come and mingle with the lads and we’ll do our best to help you. If you’re neither new or interested in fishing competitions, just come along and have a good laugh with us.

Date and locations is yet to be finalised but expect it to be within a few weeks to a month and expect it to be in Yorkshire somewhere. Because why would anyone need to go outside Yorkshire? Stay tuned for more information or follow the Facebook event to be notified of any updates.

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