Trout and chub cranks added

New stock update.
Last year I introduced a range of Ujka lures to the shop and these proved very popular with you guys. When i tested them out I was excited that i’d found a reasonably priced range of cranks that looked great, were well made and caught fish. So this year I have added to the collection with a wider range of tiny cranks which are perfect for the usual perch and small pike, but also they are brilliant for trout and chub fishing. Available in a few sizes and styles. there is also a really tiny Ujka B0 that is only just bigger than a 1p coin at 2.2cm and a 2.5g.0 This will be perfect for those of you who like to target other fish species on cranks such as grayling, roach, rudd (but not bream, no body wants to catch bream!).  There is also So follow this link to the “Tiny Cranks” section and have a browse.

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