Cahira Nitinol Single Strand Titanium Fishing Wire (5m)




Cahira Nitinol single strand titanium wire (5m)
You can hand tie a knot with this wire and make your traces up by hand or you can use crimps.

6 and 12lb for your perch fishing, 21 and 40lb for your light cranks and plugs and 66lb or 100lb for your heavier pike lure fishing.

6lb = 0.21mm
12lb = 0.26mm
24lb = 0.35mm
40lb = 0.43mm
66lb = 0.56mm
100lb = 0.70mm

Easy and simple to make your own wire traces. For the less experienced you can simply tie a knot in the wire. Out on the bank and need to make a wire trace quickly, then this is perfect and you can do it in seconds. For those with more time or who are more fussy you can use crimps and heat shrink to make it look neater.

Additional information

Nitinol fishing Wire

100lb/45kg 0.70mm, 12lb/5kg 0.26mm, 24lb/11kg 0.33mm, 40lb/18kg 0.43mm, 66lb/30kg 0.56mm, 6lb/2.7kg 0.21mm


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