Cruelbaits Minime Jerk

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Cruelbaits Minime Jerk

This is the baby brother of the popular Godfather jerk. Still a good bait for pike but have you ever thought about catching perch on jerk baits? Well these are perfect for that. Hand crafted in hungary, painted in truly stunning colours and finished with a super tough epoxy skin, no screw eyes this lure is through wired for extra strength. Can be fished slow for a nice glide, steady crank of the handle and the lure glides perfectly or fast try for a more erratic darting action.

Minime Godfather   РLength -85mm
SS – Slow Sinking 23g

Size: Capo

Colour chart



Additional information

Cruelbaits colour

Ayu, Dead Ghost, Habanero, Heavy Metal, Killer Bee, Largemouth Bass, Mackerel, Mojito, Parrot, Perch, Piranha, Punk Perch, Roach, Tancho, Wood-00 Lime

Cruelbaits size

104mm, 85mm

Cruelbaits version

S-Sinking, SF-Slow Floating, SS-Slow sinking


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