FFS Floating Finesse Stick


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Floating Finesse Stick. Handmade lure from FFS Lures.
These stick baits are fantastic lures for perch fishing, but you will pick up other species like chub and even specimen pike are known to take a liking to these baits. The idea behind the floating finesse stick is that as a bouyant lure it will sit up off the bottom (see picture right). This offers something a bit different to a lure laying flat on the bottom. You can jig them, slowly twitch them or even leave them static adding the tinniest of movements. If you only have a bag full of shads in your box then you need something like this, which I promise will be a game changer. You can mount on a standard jig head, a stand up jig, or dedicated Ned jigs such as shroom jig heads or you can get fancy and use the cheburashka rigs and more.

This is a guaranteed pop up lure that is perfect for the Ned presentation.
Dropshot, Texas, Ned, Neko and more.

3 inch
Floating Finesse Stick available in five colours.
You are buying one lure, so if you want more just add as many as you need.

Additional information

FFS colour

Black and Blue, Electric Green Pumpkin, Junebug, Watermelon Red, White Sparkle


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