Single sleeve Crimps – 90 packs




Crimps for Cahira Nitinol wire.
Crimps are 10mm long and there are 90 per pack. Please check size guide below.

Size 0- 0.6mm – Perfect for crimping 12lb Cahira Nitinol.
Size 1- 0.8mm – Great for crimping 21lb Cahira Nitinol and a good alternative for 12lb single strand Nitinol.
Size 2- 1mm – Great for crimping 40lb Cahira Nitinol.
Size 4- 1.4mm – The right size for a secure connection in 66lb Cahira Nitinol.
Size 6- 1.8mm – Large crimps for heavy duty traces made from 100lb Cahira Nitinol.

Additional information

Crimp size

Size 0 – 90 pack, Size 1 – 90 pack, Size 2 – 90 pack, Size 4 – 90 pack, Size 6 – 90 Pack


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