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The ShadXperts SX XXL Grub
These big grubs are just brilliant for pike.
Rig with a shallow screw or weighted screw for more depth, add a couple of stinger treble hooks and just watch that tail flutter.
A massive favourite of the Riverpiker crew.

145g and 27cm (45 with tail outstretched)

Target species – Pike, zander and catfish



Additional information

shadexperts colour

003 red white, 049 goldpearl glitter silver, 050 goldpearl glitter black, 053 light blue silver glitter, 056 yellow/black UV, 057 yellow/red UV, 058 fluro green and yellow UV, 059 yellow/blue UV, B054 chartreuse glitter/motoroil glitter UV, B023 goldpearl/motoroil glitter, B032 orange/clear gold n black flake UV, 064 silver glitter, 064h silver glitter red head, 065 black/silver glitter, 081 purple/clear gold glitter, 084 silver glitter red, 085 blue/clear silver glitter, 086 Brown/silver glitter, 103 yellow orange UV, 145 green watermelon UV


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