On this page you will find a list of links to recommended tackle sellers, custom rod and lure builders and anything else fishing related. None of these are paid for adverts, they are here because I have used them and trust them. With so much available these days on the internet, it’s not always easy to know where to go and who to trust when you want to spend that hard earned cash. So here’s my list of top blokes to deal with.

12282029_1729998320556360_1311703513_oLureLounge are the sponsors of my Youtube channel. They specialise in trying to bring you tackle you don’t find in every other tackle shop. They are also UK wholesale distributors for lots of manufacturers including Strike Pro, CWC, TT Lures, Pro Cure and Zman lures. If you need anything get in touch with Martin and he will sort you out.

WVA Custom Rods

wyevalleyangling03WVA Custom rods is your home for top quality custom made rods. Everything from Pike bait rods, carp and barbel rods to the tartiest lure rods a man could ever buy. Marty has plenty of rod designs to choose from but will also cater for truly custom ideas.

Craig Beverley Custom Lures

craigbeverleycustomlures02Craig Beverley is a custom lure builder making the biggest, toughest pike lures you will ever find. Craig ships big lures all over Europe for big pike and and the US and Canada for monster Muskies. Jerkbaits, jointed swimbaits and deep trolling lures are his specialty, with paintwork and real skin designs that not only look fantastic they will withstand the crushing jaws of big predators over and over.

Mark Houghton Custom Lures

737789_270982343028109_624827084_oMark Houghton produces a massive range of balsa lures in stunning and varied paint patterns. Everything from tiny trout lures right through to big pike lures. Working his fingers off in a top secret bunker somewhere, Mark is constantly building stunning lures at fantastic prices and even better they work a treat. Every lure angler needs to have some MH lures in their collection.

PM Lures

PM Lures make all manner of custom baits. Very new to the scene but excellent build and paint quality. Producer of the Riverpiker custom lures, the Little Johnny and Ziggy in Tiger pattern which are only available through this shop. However PM Lures produce these and more in a stunning range of other colours. Follow PM Lures on Facebook to stay up to date with all the latest creations.


Dave Greenwood Custom Lures

Dave Greenwood is a pike angler who makes custom jerks that catch fish. A fantastic selection of jerk baits to choose from that have been tested by a guy who has been catching pike for years. His lures seem to always be in the mouth of a 20lb pike. Follow Dave on Facebook to see his latest creations and order your new custom lure.


Robinson Lures UK

Barry Robinson produces stunning hand crafted baits. Perfected over time these lures are simply stunning. Gliders, jointed baits, tailbaits and more, and are available in all manner of superb paint jobs. Follow Barry and his creations on Facebook.



Chicos Lures

Chico sells various items such as quality custom lures and terminal tackle for the proper piker. He is also the go to guy for quality heavy titanium jerkbait traces. Custom made and individually tested, these traces are the number one choice for most of the UKs leading pike anglers.