Below you will find a few words from my current sponsors who I am very proud to represent. Sponsorship is not something I ever chased but I have always wanted to see the UK tackle market improve, and so by being part of these teams I felt I could do my bit to help bring in quality, trusted brands to the UK. If you are looking to purchase new fishing equipment then you should give these guys a look and see what they can do for you.

American Tackle CompanyWith nearly four decades servicing the tackle industry, leading the way with innovations and improvements. From rod blanks to reel seats, ferrules to finish, grips to guides, all the very best quality rod building components. From custom rod building in small shops to rod manufacturing for many major brands.
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Click this LINK to go to the Riverpiker shop to buy the latest products.

Leech eyewear
Leech mission is to provide consumers with quality and functionality in their sunglasses. Leech is the new upcoming expert on polarized lens technology for consumers who are looking for the absolute best features in sunglasses. We have developed our polarized lenses and have done extensive research to find lenses with the best quality for all conditions, from everyday to extreme. Our interest is to evolve sunglasses grew from our passion for outdoor sports and fly fishing. We wanted to develop sunglasses that were better than what the current market offers, ones that eliminated any reflected light which impairs sight.

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Gator Sweden –
Alexander Lexén a dedicated professional fishermen who started Leech Eyewear and began the journey with Gator 2015. The goal is to be at the cutting edge of developing really solid products with the best features for your fishing. Each product is unique designed with the help of some of the best fishermen in Scandinavia. We want you to perform more.

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