Tiny cranks added to the shop

Check out the Tiny Cranks section of the Rvierpiker shop as we have just recieved a fresh top up of trout, chub and perch cranks. The popular Ujka range, including the previously sold out Ujka B0, have had a top up with more colours and sizes available again. The B0 stock took a battering when I put up last weeks chub video so for those of you who have been patiently waiting here they are.

Mada Bomber

I have also added a couple of new lures to the range and both these are custom made lures. One is the Mada Bomber, which is a 2.8cm fat boddied floating crank and just looks like a killer lure for chub to me.

The second new lure added to the shop is the Tuco Minnow which is another custom made lure, and is sinking. Ideal for trout fishing and just looks ace in my opinion.

Be sure to check out the other sections to see what else there is available. Thank you for looking and supporting the channel!

Tucco Minnow
Belly Dancer