Ujka lures, the colourful little cranks

I’m always on the look out for new lures. Like most lure anglers, I just seem to collect them. Always buying something new when there’s no real need to. One of my favourites at the minute is looking for little cranks for my trout and chub fishing. I just enjoy playing about with them in flowing water. Trying to get them to drift with the current, past that rock and through that little slack spot where I’m expecting a trout to be waiting or towards that overhanging bush where I know there will be a gobby chub waiting for something to come drifting down. It really is great fun and if you’ve never done it, I urge you to get a proper ultra light set up just for this and spend a few hours on a lonely river searching for a bite.

So last year I found a new set of lures called Ujka. Little hard plastic cranks, decent price and funky paint jobs. I bought a few in a range of sizes and styles and gave them a go. They worked, caught fish and that’s all I really needed to know. I then found myself using them more and more as they seemed to do the trick. Obviously confidence in any lure means you use it more and then you give it more chance of catching. I’m not daft and neither are you. Wait, hold on a minute, that bloke there. He’s a bit daft, but the rest of you are ok.

I added to my own collection with a few more sizes and styles and kept on catching fish. The great thing about these were the smaller sizes are mostly sinking versions, and seem to have a bit of weight to them, so they cast like a dream on light gear. The slow sink means that in flowing water they stay down and don’t get dragged back up to the surface but also don’t sink so fast that they are always hitting the bottom. The lip digs in on the retrieve and the lure wiggles like mad, irresistible to all sorts of fish. The larger Ujka lures seem to all be floating versions, again with a nasty wiggle that sends out so much vibration and you can use that floating lure to bounce up and away from snags or as a trigger on the pause for that following fish, as was the case for this chunky river pike that took a BM7.

The next step for me then was to buy a few more and add them to the shop. I’m always getting asked for ideas on good lures for this fish and that fish and with this range of lures I was happy I had found something I could point people at the next time they asked me the question. So if you are looking for a few lures to add to your box or may be your soft lure collection needs something different adding to change it up then why not check out the UJka lures in the riverpiker shop. With a range of sizes, styles and colours there’s something for most predatory fish and every angler. They’re not too pricey either so you can have a few in a couple of sizes and you have great options to mix it up a bit.