How to make YouTube fishing videos

I’ve noticed more and more people wanting to get in to making fishing videos and I find myself getting asked about cameras, editing software and more. So in this video I attempt to answer a few questions and explain the gear I use, why I chose it and what I use it for. If you are wanting to get in to making your own fishing videos then this video is for you.

Filming equipment used

GoPro Hero 3+
GoPro Hero 4
Panasonic HC-V250
Canon EOS 700D
Rode VideoMic Go
Rode VideoMic Go Deadcat Windshield
BOYA BY-WM8 Wireless Lavalier Microphone
DJI Spark drone

Editing software

GoPro software
Sony Vegas Pro
Adobe Premier

Wanna be a YouTube star?

This fridays video is a bit of a “how to be a youtube star” tutorial. Ok, it will be in my usual laid back style and it won’t tell you all the crazy things you can do to get a viral video and be one of the top Youtube channels. But it’ll explain how I started my Youtube journey, the cameras and equipment I use, why and how over time these have changed plus a few more tit bits. If you are thinking of starting a fishing channel or you have just started making your first videos then this will be perfect for you.

I have seen so many new fishing channels popping up recently and I’m often getting asked about how to do this and that, so thought it was about time I made a video to cover it all. So tune in tomorrow on the Riverpiker Youtube channel at 6pm to see my top guide to looking just awesome on TV, like me!