The Best Pike Lure Ever

The best pike lure ever.
I am often asked this question and it is the hardest one of all to answer. There are lots of opinions on it, and even I will change my mind from week to week so I find it impossible to answer. So now, we are going to find out “which is the best pike lure, ever?”

This is going to be a simple knock out competition. One lure against the other with the winner going through to the next round and the loser is out. The losing lure resigned to the secret lure draw that your mrs doesn’t actually realise you own, because if she did she might actually try to work out how much you have spent over the years trying to find out “which is the best lure for pike?”

So, stage 1.
We need to find a list of potential winners. This list will be made up of loads of lures, all of which will be submitted by you, the reader. Each person can enter one lure only. To enter your super lure, please post on this thread on the riverpiker Facebook page. Once 64 or 128 (see how it pans out) lures are collected in the comments section, I will start the competition. Lures will be placed in a 1 v 1 match in the order they were posted on the thread. A simple poll will be created and to start with, each match/poll will last 24 hours only. Winner goes through, loser is out and we will continue until we have a winner. The later matches/polls will run for a longer duration. The winner will be decided by you, the viewers and your votes. So don’t blame me if something shoddy wins.

Rules for the lure entry.
Anyone, (person or facebook page) can enter a lure but you can only enter one lure, so choose wisely.
Colour, or size is irrelavant. If someone enters a blue Shakespeare Big S, you cannot enter a silver Big S or a Midi S as a seperate entry. The lure name, regardless of size or colour will be the entry.
If someone chooses a lure that has already been entered, they will be notified and asked to choose another lure.
You can enter any lure you wish. Your old favourite, new super lure, custom made bait, crank, spinner, softy, jerk whatever.
All entries need to be accompanied by a picture of the lure. (saves me having to find one later for the poll)

Rules for the competition.
The competition will start when I can be arsed/when we have plenty of lures.
A poll will run on the riverpiker facebook page with two lures going head to head.
The lure with the most votes after the poll ends will go through to the next round.
The best pike lure ever will be the lure left at the end.

Example of the competition format.

Round 1 Final Winner
spinner fancy name
crank fancy name crank fancy name
jerk fancy name jerk fancy name jerk fancy name
soft lure fancy name

Click here for the latest competition table.