Trip information

Infomation about the trips
Currently I am running two trips, one in June and one in October. The June trip is a pike, perch and zander trip and caters for all levels of experience. The October is more of a pike fishing trip but again all levels of experience are catered for. However on either trip, anglers can do as they please and fish for whatever they want.  You can go hard with big lures and fish from dusk until dawn or take a leisurley approach and fish with light gear for all species, with a midday snooze in the afternoon sun.

The Week
The stay is sunday to sunday. We will travel from Stanstead Airport on a sunday morning and travel back home the following sunday evening. You will be expected to make your own way to the airport and book your own flights, but this will be the same flight as everyone else. Depending on who else comes on the trip, we will try to arrange transports between mini groups to Stansted airport, but please keep in mind if you are booking on your own you may need to travel to Stanstead on your own.

Once in Sweden we will take a minibus to either town for food or direct to camp a pot of Yorkshire tea. There are two guest houses with six people in each. One is the Boathouse overlooking the lake and the second house is approx 30m behind. The stay is self catering, so you will be expected to feed yourself. Upon leaving the lodges it is expected you should give the guest house a good clean.

Regarding fishing, we will be split in to teams of three people per boat. This can be you and two friends or If you are alone I will try to place you in a boat of similar experience or even with me. We can even rotate partners as the week goes on. We will be fishing the archipelago, basically a big chunk of (sometimes salty) water which many of us will not have experienced before. Early on the first day we will have a look at a few areas and get people used to the boats and equipment and the fishing. People are free to go do their own thing or we can all stay close and go exploring the bays and reed lines together. If a group of three friends wants to all be in one boat and even go explore the water on their own, then this is fine also. As the week goes on we can be more adventurous and try new areas, fish on our own or even have a Swedish style competition just for fun!

You can take as much gear or as little as you want. You can take your own rods or hire them from Catchbigger. Ideally a light set up for perch and zander and a heavier set up for pike (and big zander). Often we are fishing 2-10ft areas, so a mixture of soft and hard lures, jerks, spinnerbaits, and a range of sizes. Soft lures 2-4 inch will get you perch and zander and plenty of sport. Regarding taking your fishing tackle on the plane. Hooks, pliers and sharp objects cannot be taken in cabin bags with you, they must be in the luggage hold of the plane. Rods will need to be stored in a tough rod tube which I recommend can be locked. You will need to pay extra for this on the flight, typically £35 each way. Again, if people can share a rod tube then this will help with your travel costs. You do not need to take a landing net as this will be provided. You will need to bring some tools for unhooking.

Sweden is a beautiful country and the weather is similar to the UK but with a colder winter. When the weather is nice, it is really nice but when it is bad it can be horrendous. A June trip might see sunny weather or rain and an October trip might see more rain and even snow. Travelling on the open water, it is much colder whilst you are moving at speed. So a nice summer day will still feel chilly, and a cold winters day will feel like it is seriously cold, especially if you are wet. As such, a good set of waterproof and wind proof clothing is advised on all trips with winter particularly cold you will need layers also to help keep you warm. Gloves, face buff, wooly hat, thermal underwear. A typical day of 2 celcious will feel like minus 20 once you are wet and the boat is flying at 40 knots. It is no fun at all fishing when you are cold and wet.