June 2019

The first ever Riverpiker group trip to visit Catchbigger in Sweden was a huge success. The weather was spectacular and even sunny, the fishing was fantastic and the group had a blast. Loads of laughs, new friends made, plenty of fish caught and some new personal bests. We landed on the sunday late morning, headed to meet Jovan at the supermarket and stocked up on some food. Then straight to camp where we raced to get our cases dumped and rods out. Jovan gave us a lesson with the boats and in no time we were off out on to the stunning Swedish archipelago. We had been tipped off to go to “Shithouse Bay” where we could hopefully catch a few fish. Before long there were some first ever zander caught by a few guys so we were buzzing already. First day over and everyone was eager to get out at first light and off we all went. Mixed successes but people were catching and as the days went on everyone was getting some action. The personal bests started to roll in and then these were even bettered and bettered. Some stunning perch were coming out, really pretty colours. Pike up to mid doubles with one twenty lost at the boat which was a shame. The zander fishing was crazy and guys who had previously never even seen one before were catching them at 3lb, 4lb and more and by the end of the week we’d had them to ten pounds. A truly fantastic week that I think everyone enjoyed enormously. Some of the guys have already booked for 2020 going it on their own and some guys are back out in October 2019 with the next Riverpiker group trip.